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Thomas Arnold Primary SchoolLearning for Life


Staff List and Responsibilities 


Senior Leadership Team

     Matthew Goodyear       


Amanda Fasham

          Deputy Headteacher/ Inclusion


Leadership Team

Kyri Mingay

Designated Safeguarding Lead

Terina King

Assistant Headteacher- Behaviour

Akousa Adu

Assistant Headteacher

Holly Pottle

Assistant Headteacher/ SENCO

Katie Parks

Pastoral Lead

Brooke Roe

EYFS Lead/ Reception Class Teacher

Laurie Smith

Acting Years 1-2 Phase Leader/ Year 1 Class Teacher

Hannah Chandler-Giwa Years 3-4 Phase Leader 
Ian Tasker Years 5-6 Phase Leader

Beverly Neal

PA to Headteacher/ Office Manager


Teaching staff

Nicole Dolamore


Brooke Roe Reception Class - Moon

Elodie Ebersveiller

Reception  Class - Sun

Bola Oyewole

Year 1 - 1O

Rea Sader

Year 1 - 1R
Laurie Smith Year 2 - 2S

Abigail Gentle

Year 2 - 2G

Andrew Willmer

Year 3 - 3W

Adesola Awosanya

Year 3 - 3A

Michael Jago

Year 4 - 4J

Hannah Chandler-Giwa Year 4 - 4C

Akosua Adu

Year 5 - 5A

Barry McGee

Year 5 - 5G

Orena Beqiri

Year 5 - 5M

Terina King

Year 6 - 6K

Ian Tasker

Year 6 - 6T

Shabbana Kiyani PPA


Learning Support Staff

Jane Coulson-West

HLTA/ Speech and Language 

Michelle Lesslie


Claire Jolly Learning Mentor/ Thrive Practioner

Jade Mackie

LSA (Nursery)

Cheryl Jordan

LSA (Reception)

Lisa Kelly

LSA (Reception)

Julia Kemp LSA/ Thrive Practioner

Hayley Collette


Joanne McLeod


Jackie Camilleri


Tilly Brown


Kimi Asker


Terisa Kain


Hayley Martin


Alleisha Bone

Hadiza Olayinka LSA
Brooke Ivers LSA
Jordan Kemp LSA
Dorcas Nkansah LSA
Andrea Hilton LSA
Emma Gilligan LSA


School Administration Team

Shaz Ahmed

Office Administration Assistant

Lisa Wilsher

Office Administration Assistant

Hollie Cornwell Office Administration

Linda Martin

Family Liaison/ Attendance Officer

Sue McCallum



Lunch Time Supervisors

Lisa Auger

Midday Supervisor

Amanda Walpole

Midday Supervisor

Lesley Sullivan

Midday Supervisor

Nancy Smith

Midday Supervisor

Doreen Holdich

Midday Supervisor

Shirley Murphy

Midday Supervisor

Navanidum Narainsamy

Midday Supervisor

Tina Stevens

Midday Supervisor

Janice Leask

Midday Supervisor

Carla Devonport Midday Supervisor
Jodie Clarke Midday Supervisor
Maria Luisa King Midday Supervisor
Nicole Collins Midday Supervisor


Site Management

Terry Martin

Site Supervisor


Catering- LBBD

Angelique King

School Cook


School IT Support- Partnership Learning

Paul Gillman

Elementary- Director of ICT

Phil St Pier Elementary- IT Networks

Greg Mead

School IT Technician